is Poore the only seller of the spec exhaust?


I have seen cars for sale saying they have the spec exhoust from such and such and I have seen “specE30 exhaust” for sale… I am just wondering if these are is legit.
Deos Poore distribute the exhaust through any other outlets?
Regs seem to clearly say that it must come from him.
Now that Bitsy has passed her last emission test (1987 will not have to be tested next year), I think I am ready to get rid of the cat and put on the spec exhaust (hoping for more straightaway talent).
Thanks for any clarification on this.


I"m not aware of anyone selling it other than Poore himself.


Is there some sort of stamping or way of telling if an exhoust was made by Paul Poore?


There weren’t any markings on mine.


IMO if someone clearly states that what they are selling is the SpecE30 exhaust than that’s what it is. Folks can be trusted until they prove otherwise.

When the exhaust rule first came out Paul had a hard time making exhaust kits for every single one of us in a big hurry. Several small retailers at that time said they’d be inclined to buy a couple of exhaust kits for resale, once Paul caught up to demand. That way a guy could get an exhaust kit in a hurry if Paul was unable to, for whatever reason.

Therefore is a guy says that he got his SpecE30 exhaust from , that’s reasonable.


Thanks, guys.
How much does Poore charge for the exhoust?
I was thinking it was around $600, is that right?


[quote=“Gilles” post=58448]Thanks, guys.
How much does Poore charge for the exhoust?
I was thinking it was around $600, is that right?[/quote]
I got mine for $175 back when the rules first changed. Price might have gone up a little since then.


Hi, is the Paul Poore exhaust still the Spec? Do you know what muffler he uses? How long is is and what diameter is the body? I assume is passes sound checks at the tracks you race at?