Ireland HD rockers


Anyone had problems with them?

I’ve broken two in the last three race weekends.


I have never used and don’t see the point

How many broken rockers have we had in SE or MA?? Very few…Does Drivegear use em?? I wonder as I think Andrews cars ran 14 session last Saturday.

I know someone that engineered rockers for M10 and M30 engines…Many broken rockers and wiped out cams later and what is the point? I would trust factory pieces over anything brewed up locally.

Factory RPM limit? What does Ireland say??


Al Taylor


priaprism, what exactly busted on the rockers? My understanding is that the most common failure mode has been the pad coming off. Certainly there has been a fair # of IE HD rocker failures. If it wasn’t for the pad failures, I think they’d have a pretty good service reputation. With the pad failures I think IE HD rockers have not done as well as standard rockers. That makes it hard to recommend IE HD rockers.

There’s also been some issue with IE supporting folks with failed rockers. Since I’m the one that got the IE HD rockers approved, I’m kinda taking it personally that my fabulous idea is turning out to be not so fabulous. It’s a bummer.

I have 3yrs on a set of IE HD rockers and so far I’ve not had a failure.


It was the pad coming off both times. Plus the larger valve failure you saw at MRLS. Don’t know which came first. The valves were checked before it went on the trailer and found to be in spec, but Steve A mentioned it seemed pretty rattly.


Guess it’s just me. Guess that means it’s issues with assembly.


I think there’s a problem with how the steel pads are fastened to the AL rockers. Standard rockers break, sure, but their pads don’t usually come off.

I’m also concerned about what I’ve heard re. IE standing behind their products. I’ve had only 2 folks bring that issue to me and I contacted IE on their behalf and got some action. I got involved because I’m the one that got the IE HD rockers approved, so I kinda felt responsible. But I’ve heard several additional reports of SpecE30 types complaining to IE and not getting anywhere.


Just saw this post. I had a brand new head built and ran it at the last Road Atlanta event a couple months ago. By Sunday, my car sounded like a diesel truck when I pulled off the track after the race. The following week I pulled the head off and took it to my builder. What they found was EVERY rocker pad had worn down and was completely mis shaped. Each one looked like a roller coaster track. The pad didn’t come off like Sean’s, but there was CONSIDERABLE wear after only one weekend of racing. My builder felt that the pads were not properly treated or the incorrect metal was on that set of rockers.

I called IE and spoke to the owner. He asked if I had added a zinc additive, which I had not, and put the blame totally on me. Lesson learned. I ordered Febi rockers for the head I am building now.


I used zinc, the pads came clear off.

The first time we ran it (proper breakin), did the oil change with zinc, ran it again, then adjusted the valves. The next weekend the rocker came apart in the third session we went out. Opened it up and found two of the adjusters were completely loose. Since then, IE has changed the screw used on the adjusters.

Jojo had an IE radiator hose fail on him, I’ve had endless issues with the rear toe adjusters to the point where I just ended up welding them in place, and at the beginning of the year I found my IE rear sway hadn’t worked for the better part of last season. I’m losing faith in their products.


Stick with FEBE rockers!!! I always remove the flash/molding lines before installation and have never had one fail. I also add MsO2 to my oil at every change and have never wiped a cam or rocker. Preventive maintenance!!!