Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself in my first post. I’ve been trolling this forum for info for a little bit as well as some other forums (I’m dandrewg on R3v). I bought an e30 almost 3 years ago rotting away in a field with the hopes of getting into racing. I met an instructor for NASA who sold me on Spec E30 so I decided to build for that. You can see some pics of my build progress here

I finally started driving it in 2011, competing in autocross and my first HPDE with NASA. I plan on focusing on just driving this year. I was at Mid Ohio a few weeks ago working tech, I’ll be driving at Putnam this weekend, then at Mid Ohio 4 more times this year. Then, my goal is having the cage built this winter, working on safety equipment next year, and go from there.

I hope to meet some of you at NASA GL and MW events!


See you this weekend. Feel free to paddock with us. I’ll bring your “Future Spec E30” sticker!


Will definitely park with you guys, I have a little research I need to do.



Welcome. I’m in “Future Spec E30” mode as well. I had a similar game plan to yours: First year I did HPDEs with the suspension done, then got the cage done that winter, and have been progressing since. It turns out I can build a car faster than I can build my driving skills. Good choice with the D-Forces and Star Specs. Once you burn them up, grab a set of RA-1s.


Haha it’s so easy to overestimate ability and funds. Thanks for the advice.