Interior sound deadening material removal process


Hey guys I decided to remove the interior sound and heat material and had really dreaded this job since it seemed really stuck to the car and hard to remove.
I had heard of using liquid nitrogen and other processes but thought I would use heat first.
Just using a small propane torch and heating a 12x12" area at a time I was able to remove all of the material inside in less than two hours. I was taking about 20 seconds to heat the area moving the torch slowly. Then using a gasket scraper the material would peel right up off the floor like it was nothing.
In my 87 4 door it amounted to a total of 10 lbs of weight.
The material in the trunk which weighs a lot more due to its thickness peeled right up without heat. It was 22 lbs.

Hopefully this video works.


Doesn’t look like the video link works. It is now posted on my Utube channel Bajabuzz1


A heat gun works just as well. A soft wire wheel cleans up the leftover residue.



I used laquer thinner on the left over residue and it cleaned most of it up pretty fast as long as ot was just a film. I will try the wire wheel on the thicker stuff.

Thanks for the info.


Dry ice is the only way to go. Clean and fast.

Peter Thibault


…or you could just leave it in and gain the benefits of free weight ballast down low. Remember, once you remove it, ballast can only go in limited spots.

I left all mine in, and I have to carry less ballast then most. But hey, go nuts, form should always follow function in a race car…


Leaving the sound deadening material in the trunk or on the drivers side is not beneficial.
Most if not all the trunk is behind the rear axle and the weight is higher than the floor inside the car.
Plus if the car ever caught fire that stuff will burn and most likely have a negative effect on your health.

But to each his own.