Insure your trailer


A couple months ago I put my trailer on to our homeowners insurance. It cost very little to do this because the value of my (open) trailer is tiny compared to the value of the house and contents. This morning the insurance company called to tell me that they were covering the lost sets of race tires/wheels, the damaged tire rack locking bar, and the slashed trailer tire.

Something to think about.


That is good news. When I read the title I was thinking “oh god what happened now”


You know I’ve got everything in the world insured, but I never even thought about my trailer for some reason. I’m doing that today.

Thanks Ranger.


Great advise Ranger!

Consider looking at This program provides Off Track and Storage (use to be called “STP” coverage for storage, transit and paddock) coverage for your car, trailer, tools and spares anytime other then while the car is on the track!

We insure almost $50,000 of stuff for about $500 a year and that include coverage for the car and stuff even if the trailer get’s away on our way to the track!

Insurance=peace of mind!


I just called up my insurance company (USAA) re. the enclosed trailer I upgraded to last fall. They said that currently it is only covered under “liability” in that it’s tow vehicle is covered. I asked them about coverage for damage to the trailer (while towing or stored), or theft of contents. They said they’d be happy to add the additional coverage.

It cost $3/month.


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Just got a new (to me) trailer, and am in here trying to learn stuff. I was told by the DMV that I don’t need to insure for their purposes, but I understand this thread topic is for contents and the trailer itself. I need to talk with my insurance agent and see how to add this to homeowner’s, because for only a few dollars a month, it’s absolutely worth it.

Is it true that your automotive insurance policy covers the trailer and contents while it’s being towed?


I also use USAA. It’s covered by my regular vehicle policy while towing, but I added coverage for theft and other damage. I’m about to give it a test. Apparently a snow plow had control issues and took out the front corner last week. I’ll need to replace the front corner flashing and possibly some of the aluminum sheet. I’ll report back…


My trailer is on my automotive insurance policy, and that’s dirt cheap. But, as I mentioned above, and dang how that was a long time ago, it was our homeowners’ insurance (both USAA) that covered the stolen items. It’s not clear to me what elements of loss are covered by the automotive policy and what by the homeowner’s policy.


Interesting, I was told (when my dirt bike got stolen) that HI only covered vehicles that were not road legal. Like my dirt bike.


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