In-tank fuel pump -- OE or aftermarket?


I have an early car with two fuel pumps and a surge tank. The in-tank OE pump is dead, bought it new when building the car, it has under 1000 miles. I can replace it with another OE pump that would hopefully be more robust, but was wondering if folks here have other options.



Also, has anyone kept the hanger and just replaced the pump itself? OE assembly is now over $400!

Looking at this: HELLA Fuel Pump For BMW E30 M3 82-94 16141179415 | eBay


It really depends if you are running two pumps or single. You can get walbro in tank pumps with the rubber bit to mount at the bottom. Ebay link to fuel pump.

It might flow too much if you use an external pump like on an early e30.