I J Crank Scraper Sources


Are there any other sources for the I J Crank scrapers rather than dealing direct? I need one ASAP and will take steel or steel/Teflon. I’ve talked to Kevin on the phone and he seems like a nice enough guy, lots of valuable info but comments I’ve read on here say the service and shipping waits are the pits. I already have an Ireland baffle that I’ll be putting in at the same time. I know I J and Paul Poore are the best solution but too expensive, unless someone has a used Paul Poore Pan at a fair price. Thanks.



No solution for where to get one. I have heard that someone copied his design. With enough interest, Im sure I could copy the one I have now into CAD and get it water-jetted.

Kevin’s last two interactions with me were full of BS and lies. Took 2 months to get one. Came bent, damaged, and with broken welds. Cuts look sloppy and jagged like his plasma is worn out.

I’m done with him, and I will share my poor experience with anyone who asks (or doesn’t)


Call Ireland and purchase their scraper. Simple design, in stock and inexpensive



Thanks guys. Not interested in going down Aggravation Road.

I’ll go the Ireland route with his scraper and baffle. Hopefully
the two will do the trick.