Hyperfest! June 6-8th


Who is in? Looking forward to the mayhem!!



I’m in


I’m a late signup, but am planning to be there! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Vic, glad you are back!


Vic, what happened to you?

I’m completely bummed for what happened to Rick.

I had a very uneventful hyperfest unlike last year. :wink:

Saturday - qualified P2, a 10th off of Grace. Grace and I switched positions 4 times in the first 5 laps. I ended up finishing P2.

Sunday - qualified P2. Grace and I put down some 10/10ths laps for nearly 26 laps. I got Grace on the 2nd to last lap and on the last lap, I started to get fuel starvation! :woohoo:

Here’s my Sunday video - http://youtu.be/tkzy8LBqmXg


[quote=“Rob in VA” post=77301]Vic, what happened to you?


It’s been one of those years for racing. The bill for my blown motor came in substantially higher than expected. Add on to that wrenching (and failing) on my tow vehicle for 5 straight weekends, and I was left without transportation, and really just burned out. In fact, I think I’m coming to the realization that racing just isn’t in the cards for me right now. I just don’t have the time to get it all done right! Know of anyone looking to buy a FAST Spec E30? Motor only has break-in miles on it, and the rest of the car only 4-5 weekends.


Vic don’t do it, take your time come back when u and car are ready!


I agree w/ Harper even though he has massive negative karma. :woohoo:

Nothing zaps the fun out of racing than running around last minute to get something done. Especially when there are other things pending as well.

Take your time. Fix the stuff on your terms (time-wise) and hopefully some of us will still be here to dog you.


I’ll still be here, raced the last car for 10 years, not getting rid of this one anytime soon!



If I can do this a few times a year, your sorry ass can. But yeah, it takes the fun out to have to thrash…if you do sell, you had better rent from Andrew once or twice a year…that might make more sense. Or think about the SCCA 13 hour at VIR in Oct, I might have a seat for that.



Thanks guys. I appreciate it! We’ll see…maybe I’ll get the itch while the car is still in the garage :slight_smile:


Here’s another variation of Sunday’s race featuring the beard. :woohoo:



Rental seat is open for the 24hr Chumpcar race at VIR in August. KNSBrakes Chumpcar… arrive and drive ~6 hrs in a E30.