Howdy, Folks!


Greetings, Spec E30 Forums! Name is Bryan Lewis, everyone calls me Disney. No, I can’t get them to stop.

I just picked up my first SE30 chassis from Rob Eskew. I’ll be trying to piece it back together into a working car over the next xxx months. Really looking forward to getting it back on track, not looking forward to all the labor and money it will take to get it there.

I’ve been racing in PTE for the last 4 years in a Nissan 200SX POS. I wheeled Bob Rutzky’s E30 around in December of last year and was instantly hooked. I just got to have that E30 drive! I’m looking forward to looking over some cars at the track to get ideas about putting mine together. Please don’t hesitate to offer advice! I’m all ears!!

See ya at the track!


Welcome! What part of the southeast?


I’m in the Nashville area.