how active...?


hi, SE guy moving back home to TX for a bit… just curious how active NASA-TX’s SpecE30 group was


“Not” as far as I can tell. I’m building a car that will hopefully be ready to go next year, and I believe there is one other forum member that lists as building.

I was in southern california before this, and it seems that once an area gets over the hump of getting two guys racing, it really builds quickly. Hoping to hit that 2 guys point soon here.

What area are you moving to?


NW Houston

I just might need to be car #3 then :woohoo:


At the rate my/most builds go, I’d say any of the first five have a shot at the pole in terms of completion.:wink:

Would be great to have another car here - I’m in Austin and usually go out with the drivers edge group here, they do MSR in Cresson and TWS in College station quite a bit but for some reason don’t dig MSR in houston. Hopefully see you around the track soon.


My brother is in Austin and we’re planning to visit later this year.

If/when we get there, would you like to meet for a beer and to talk about Spec E30?

Carter Hunt
Spec E30 National Series Director


Assuming that was an open invite, I’d be in to meet up to talk and drink. Or vice versa.

Also, I saw the thread about vinyl for the rear window and have been meaning to talk to you about it. I have a vinyl plotter and would love to run the numbers and see if I could do them for cheaper and keep it in the family, if you’d consider another vendor. If you’re going to be out this way i can run a couple and you can see what you think.



We’re not real strict about the rear window banner. If you can copy it, it’s ok with Spec E30.

And I’ll get back to you if/when we get to Austin.



Considering the build of a Spec E30 - I’m in Austin. Did any of you guys/girls ever finish your builds?

If not - can I come help/watch/laugh?

Also need a line on a good E30 starter car if you have any leads…

I assume you must run at TWS - and maybe that new private place down in San Marcos?

I’ve got a 93 RX-7 I could track if you guys are doing local stuff - assuming rotaries are welcome - and yes it has a cat and a muffler - so its not too offensive…




Company is always good. I’m still working on the build, looking for a good shop that has time to do the cage. I plan on going out with drivers edge to MSR in DFW on 9-6 and 9-7, and then with NASA to Eagles Canyon in October. I believe the rotary would be welcome in either group.

As far as tracks there’s TWS as well as the two I listed above. Harris Hill in San Marcos is members only i believe. There is another MSR in Houston as well.

Terry Sayther would be the man to contact about a line on a solid e30, they may or may not have something around.

dub dub dub terrysaytherauto dot com



Bumping an old thread, but are there currently any Spec e30 racers in or around TX?


I made it to one NASA Texas even back in November, I was the only one trying to build to specE30, though there was one other e30. I’ve talked to several people that are in the “waiting till there’s a field to pull the trigger” mode. I’ve missed the first NASA events this year while my cage was going in, but looks like I’m on track to hopefully be ready for rookie season next year. I should be in Race Craft/competition licensing at my next event. As far as I can tell, I’ll be the first car.


Hello Texans,

I’m in Austin and finally found my Spec E30 candidate - pulled it from a Duplex garage in North Austin last week:

1990 BMW 325i 5 speed, 213, xxx miles - been stored for 4 years under a pile of garbage. Paid almost $1000 for this gem.

Body looks real nice, but can’t tell about the drivetrain until I get the fuel pump replaced. It fired and ran on a shot of Ether - but for some reason doesn’t like running with 0 fuel pressure…

Anyone else in Austin doing a build? Willing to bring beer and help.



I’m in north Austin, and I like beer. Relatively little left to do on my car though, and project days are farther between than I’d like with a three year old. Did manage to make it out to TWS with NASA last weekend.

I can drop you a line if I build weekend coming up, or you do the same? More than happy to help and bring beer too.




Are you the only Spec E30 at NASA events so far?

I’ll have a “suspension weekend” coming up soon - shocks/struts/springs - and maybe swaybars. That’s assuming my timing belt weekend is successful and I don’t have to tear deeper into the motor to fix something.

I’ll send you a PM with my mobile number - I’m in SOUTH Austin - only a short hour drive from you down Mopac in rush hour - or 15 minutes otherwise…