HMS Jan 7-8 race report


Please include shots of “damage”.


Lots of great racing and a great first weekend in SE30. Only Natalie and I but the racing was lots of fun. We got 2 - 30 min races per day and the weather was perfect. And in unusual fashion, my car stayed running - and running good - all weekend. No spectacular engine failures. :stuck_out_tongue:

While the score was 4-0 Black, the racing was close. One race was only 3 sec diff between us and I made work her tail off for those wins. The last race on Sunday I got her at the start and lead most of the race - I gave it away and she was quick to capitalize on my mistakes. I (not intentionally of course) let her catch back up to my bumper and we raced into turn 8. I tried to go to the middle to prevent her running up the inside, but she went all the way left heading into the turn and got loose out trying to get back on the power. We did a little waltz as she crossed over right in front of my bumper and I went left trying to get around her. We were side by side on exit of 8 and it was a drag race all the way up and down the back straight - her on the outside and me on the inside. Not willing to give anything up, we headed into 10 two wide charging hard. Then the rookie made a mistake and turned in too early for being on the inside of 10 and he got to go for a wild ride through grass inside of 10 along the tire wall, but never hitting it, drifting the whole way. Caught the car and stayed in it to finish the last couple of laps of the race. That was exciting!

Seems Don got the skinny on Natalie’s encounter with the tire wall out of 14. On Saturday afternoon, while running scared with the black and green #53 right on her tail, she got a little wild through the 12/13/14 turns heading to the front straight and nailed the tire wall on exit of 14. All I could see was carnage flying in front of her car. I feared that was going to be it for her, but like the champ she is, she kept her foot in it and kept charging.

We didn’t get pictures of the damage before the quickie repair, but here is the post-repair shots. As anticipated, the green tape I used did in fact add ‘horsepower’ and allowed her to win both Sunday races. I knew I shouldn’t have used that tape… :silly:


2 30 minute races a day sounds great. Hope it is like that at Sebring.


Since the registration for the race groups was low, they merged them in to one group and gave us two races. I liked it, and while I hope that registration is better, I’d be ok with two races a day.

Although the March event is also a national BMWCCA event, that NASA is hosting, so the registration maybe higher.


Good story Shawn,



For everyone’s viewing enjoyment and entertainment, here is my in car video from my rookie race Saturday at HMS. My Traqmate quit working so I didn’t get any video from Saturday’s second race or any on Sunday. Hoping Natalie got some good video.