Hit in rear, now the trunk is stuck. Ideas?


I got hit in the rear, above the bumper. It pushed the area around the licence plate and the bottom of the decklid in. Now the trunk won’t unlatch. Ideas? The button won’t go all the way in to unlatch the mechanism. I can’t go in through the front because I’ve got tires in there blocking my way in.


I would put a block of wood against the button and hit it with a hammer. See if you can get the button to go in. Maybe have someone sit on, or lift the trunk as you do this. If it got hit that hard, how much more damage can you do by trying? Good luck.

Are you going to race Willowsprings?


My lock failed last year, too. What I did was go get a trunk lock mechanism from the junk yard, about $7, and see how it works. Then I drilled out the button at the two screw locations (that you can see on the junk yard parts). Button falls out, then you can release the lid manually. Put the new mechanism in there and you are gold.



Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Not going to make Willow, I’m going to be in NYC. Also, broken car.


Tell the hooker to open it? Trunk monkey?


No word from the trunk monkey since the accident :frowning:


So, just for archive’s sake, I ended up smashing the taillight, reaching my arm in, and unbolting the latch from the trunklid. I’m in! Now I just need to figure out how to get the latch to unlatch so I can put it back together.