Help: Trailer Tire Question


It appears I’m going to need to replace the tires on my trailer. And i was hoping someone can give me some pointers in what i need. I want to go cheap but I don’t want to get some crappy unsafe tire either.

I’ve researched the internet but I’d like to hear from you guys…

I’ve got a 17 foot open seal trailer with a tire rack that currently has 205/75D 15’s on it

What’s the deal with “C” or “D”… Do I need to go with the 8 ply or will the 6 ply do?
Is there a better size to run on the 15" rim?

Where’s the best place to get/order trailer tires?



Over the winter I replaced my trailer tires and wheels. Several of the tires were shot and my wheels were embarrassingly rusty. I bought replacements from Northern Tools. You can get tires and wheels separately there, or do what I did and save tire mounting costs. also sells trailer tires, and it’s always hard to beat their prices.


I have load C tires on my trailer (20’ enclosed haulmark) and it tips the scales above 7,000 lbs fully loaded. For an open trailer, I don’t think you need a D rated tire, but if you can find the right size, it wouldn’t hurt. Whatever you do, don’t put on a standard passenger car tire that does not have a load rating of C or higher. You can get “regular tires” of the correct size, but their load capacity is much less than C or D rated tires.

I bought my tires at Big O and I think they were right around $95 each. Like most of the tires out there, both types I’ve seen were made in China…

Bottom line, stay with a C or D rated tire and you should be fine.


I sell tires for a living on the wholesale end for Tire Centers Inc. I have the Towmaster 6ply on my dual axle trailer. I have towed several times from Birmingham to Atlanta dn the roll fine and balanced up great. They are also a good price point. I have heard problems from many of my dealers on the Goodyear Marathons since Goodyear moved there manufacturing plant. A lot of early seperation issues. Also another good 8 ply is the Maxxix 8008. Maxxis mounts and rolls every tire before it leaves the factory to ensure ride quality. I really don’t think you would need the 8ply on a small lightweight open trailer. Just my two cents and I hope it helps. What part of the SE are you in and I might be able to call in a favor from one of our locations. I hope this helps. ALLEN


theironman9154 wrote:

Very helpful advise.

the 6 vs. 8 was my biggest question. And I was hoping too hear from some real world experience. Thanks guys!

I live in Greensboro NC and work in Winston-Salem…


I have locations in Durham and Charlotte. Not sure if either one of those locations are near you. I guess I could use a refresher class in the geography of North Carolina. lol


My trailer came with Goodyear Marathons. Haulmark Enclosed 24’. I think they are a C or D rated tire and have worked well. Since they are old 7ish yrs and starting to dry rot I am going to replace them over the winter. Probably go with Goodyear again from TireRack since I never had a blowout. Will now look into the Maxxix also.

From some camper trailer guys I know they like to run less plys if the load rating is acceptable since more plys = more heat and the heat is what kills the tires. They also always go name brand stuff purpose built trailer tires as the off brand stuff is supposed to be junk. Not first hand knowledge on this though.


I have lots of blown trailer tire experience. While there is a difference of opinion on this, lots of people like to use light truck tires (LT designation) instead of trailer tires (ST designation). Goodyear says to never do this, because the sidewall on a trailer is softer to allow for the skid steer of the axles, while the sidewall on the LT light truck tire is stiff. When you start looking at big 5th wheel travel trailers, almost everyone runs the LT tire.

I have also been told to run the tires at max inflation regardless of load.

I have never heard of running less plys of tire because of heat. Everyone always told me to run the most plys you can afford.


my new leonard came with loadstar k550 st205/75D15. I think they are 6 ply. trailer is 2 axle 7k gvwr. The trailer handles better than the truck.


And while we’re on the topic…

I have (IIRC) radial Goodyear Marathons on the trailer but inadvertently bought a bias-ply spare. Is mixing the radial and bias-ply tires really a serious issue (I’m not planning on making a habit of it - just want to make sure my spare will get me home…)

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IIRC, the TPMS thread on Facebook redirected into a discussion about trailer tire ratings. I thought this might be a good place to archive that info, after covering it again. I have what I believe to be Load Range C tires on my trailer now. Because there is some light circumferential cracking on the sidewall in a few places, just adjacent to the side of the tread, I think maybe it would be good to replace them in the near future. My trailer is a 8.5’ x 24’ V-nose, not sure of box length including the V, and it has a pair 3500 lb axles. The trailer is rated to weigh approximately 3200 lbs empty, if I read the sticker right. So with the 2500 lb car and some tools, etc., It’s probably near 6300 pounds? That’s right at 90% of rated GVW. I was thinking I should get Load Range E, based on what I remember from the FB info. Is that basically the best path?


I’m no expert on trailer tires, but I stick with Load Range E tires on my 24’ and have had very few problems.