Heater delete silicone hose


I just called IE about getting a silicone hose that goes directly from the expansion tank to the Tstat housing on the late style system. They are apparently going to think about it. Who else is interested?


i currently just use take the hose and wrap it around into the head port that would normally go to the heater core, i don’t see the need to spend money on something that can be easily done with the current hose thats in the car…


The silicone hoses from IE are generally cheaper than rubber hoses. Rubber hoses don’t last as long.


ah, hadn’t thought of that, so it would be less than the going rate of 60 bucks for the oem rubber hose that is currently in the car?


IE makes the whole T hose for 55 out of silicone while the factory one I’ve found for 65.


An easy solution to this is to just cut the TEE out of the current hose and install a 90* fitting with two hose clamps. Works like a charm.


That would be assuming the T hose is in good shape. It’s currently the only hose on the car that I haven’t replaced yet. The rest are all silicone already.


I just called again to order my engine bearing, front subframe reinforcements and some other stuff. I guess there has been a discussion with Jeff Ireland about the hose and they are willing to make it if there is enough interest. Estimated cost is 30$.


Delete the hose and be done with it. AKG, Vorschlag or someone like that makes a delete kit, or just fab one of your own. Make a block-off plate for the back of the head and stick something in the tstat port to plug it. Every hose you delete is one less thing to fail, and having that hose gone gives you a bit more room both behind the head and also under the intake manifold.


I’m talking about the late style cooling system. I’m pretty sure the one inch hose coming out the bottom of the expansion chamber has to go to the thermostat housing.


Ah so. I was still wrapped around heater delete. Sorry.


I don’t remember how the early style system is setup but the late system has the expansion tank outlet teed into the heater (return?) hose in the center underneath the intake. I am blocking of the back of the head. Having a single hose made of silicone should be cheaper and less prone to failure than cutting the T off on the heater core side and plugging it.


What is the size of this 90* fitting to modify the T hose and where can I get one?



Can’t remember the size. Just cut the TEE out and take the remaining parts to Lowe’s and match it up. For some reason I seem to think I used a brass 90* fitting for PEX pipe.


Hi guys I have another solution I wanted to share with you. ( I have a 1990 so its a solution for the late models.)

I was trying to make my own custom hose with fitting to go from the Tstat housing to the expansion tank (I blocked off the back of the head coolant port/ heater delete).

The guy at Advanced Auto didn’t have the roll of hose but found me a formed hose that works well. Its got a 90 deg. bend in it and fits almost like it was made for the car. You just have to trim the length of the long side a few inches. Fits snug on the T stat and expansion tank too!

Here is the part number: Dayco (length E code) 71986. Its rubber and cost 20 bucks.