Harris Hill Groupon


Hey Guys,

Not sure if everyone here knows about Harris Hill, so I figured I would share with the class. This is a private track just South of Austin, nestled in the beautiful I-35 business corridor of San Marcos. It’s a 1.8 mile track that (almost always, check the calendar) functions as a completely open track for members only.

I guess they have been short on full-time members lately, so they have a Groupon deal for a 2-month trial membership at $335. I grabbed the deal when it was at $285, which is a steal for 2 months of access to a completely open track. No sessions, no time limits; if you show up between 9am and 6pm, you can drive all day.

I have been out there a few times, and I’ll likely drive there on my free weekends through June. If you’re interested, call Phillip (one of the managers) on Thursday-Saturday and set up a time to meet with him and check out the club. After that, the track is your oyster.

Pretty great deal for the only track within driving distance of us Austin/SA guys. Anyways, let me know if you head down there and I’ll come drive with you. Otherwise, see you guys again at TWS in the fall! We will have the E30 caged by then, and it should be SpecE30 legal. As soon as we find a competent driver, it might even see a race some day.


P.S. - I’ve talked to Winding Road and Illicit Motorsports about doing the cage; if you guys have any other local recommendations, I’m all ears.


I’m seriously going to consider this deal, even though I was planning to take the summer off and resume racing in the Fall.
Thanks for sharing Zach!

It will be great if you can get the car ready for TWS! I believe NASA will be there Oct 17-18. Possibly a comp school on Oct 16th?
I’m probably going to run NASA Houston on Sept 26-27 and TWS in October.


Great, I was down there yesterday, and I’ll be back for the next few weekends. I’ll be at MSRH and TWS in the fall, and the E30 should be race ready; not sure I’m up for Comp School that quickly, though. I’ll be driving/HPDEing as much as possible this year, and the goal is start racing at the start of 2016.