Greetings from Napa


Hi there, I wanted to introduce myself as I explore joining SpecE30! I’ve done a few track days in my daily driver and am hooked. Then I was reading the local paper about a local guy that won Spec E30, Tim Barber. I didn’t know what it was so I did some research and that led me here. Definitely interested in pursuing this. I’m in Napa so it appears I may be close to some good E30 resources/shops/instruction/and Sears Point (as we used to call it). From what I can gather, I need much more experience in HPDE events. I’ve done three and hope to do two more by November. But that’s in my daily driver (C63 AMG), and I’d need to get a license and a car. So, to me, it seems as though getting the car first to use as I progress through HPDE towards earning the license makes most sense. Do you all agree? I’d be interested in hearing from any NorCal folks in my region that might have some tips. Obviously there’s Craigslist and the classifieds here as well. Thanks for letting me say hi!