Getting Started with spece30: Roll Cage


I am finally looking to get serious about building my e30. I figured i would start with the cage. Who has a greate30 cage builder or would the best route be to buy a weld together cage and go from there? I have access to a professional welder (who has done cages but none for an e30).

Anyway, just looking for pointers on where to get started.



Kelly, this kind of post will get a lot more responses if you put it on our fb page. SpecE30 Public Group | Facebook


I am on there as well, saw a post on there directing people to this forum and thought it might be more active. :slight_smile:


You need to add where you are located. But Kirk racing does many for the SE drivers.


Joel barber @ barber race works does nice work.
He is in greenville sc


I am south of Atlanta, but have the ability to take the car just about anywhere :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to getting this project started :slight_smile:


I am in Orlando and can help with your cage, I have done over 200 cages total. Everything from Hondus, Nisaans, BMWs, and Corvettes Finishing up my SpecE30 cage now. Give me a call and we can talk.
Chris Leone
407.four six three 0312


Robinson racing Atlanta, Georgia will build you a great cage


Thanks Chris, I have a local guy that has done tons of cages quoting a cage for me. Out of curiosity what would you charge for a cage? Nascar bars on both sides (might use the car for hpde and customer ride alongs).


I’d suggest checking out E30 cages and talking to drivers at your next event. Talk to the drivers about the elements of their cage that they like/dislike. Take pics. That way you can form educated opinions about the cage features you think fondly of, and will have pics to communicate your ideas to the cage builder.

I would suggest doing NASCAR bars on only the driver’s side. That will save some $$ and I think you’ll find that because you won’t race with a customer, nor even drive 10/10ths, the likelihood of a passenger being in the car during an extreme t-bone incident is very low.



Valid points i will do that :slight_smile:

Thank you!



How far south of Atlanta are you? I am south of Macon. I am also very new to this SE30 thing. I just bought a complete car from North Carolina last week and I haven’t even done an HPDE1 yet. Some kind of crazy, right? Maybe we can learn about this racing thing together. Anyway, I have no idea how to judge a good race car but I do know what a good car looks like and mine has a good body and seems to have new parts for everything that counts. I think it is in great shape. I am going to RRR this weekned but I am not bringing the car. I have rented one for the weekend. I plan to be eye-balling and photographing everything I can.

Good luck, and I hope I run into you at the track (not literally),



I am in Tyrone (near peachtree city). Congrats on the new car :slight_smile: while I am new to spec e30 i am not new to working on rave cars :slight_smile: if you need help with yours i have a full shop for maintenance etc. Just let me know :slight_smile: i. Am not sure i can make it to RRR this weekend, I am in Canada through Friday and need to spend some time with my wife and kids :wink: