Getting ready to track an E30


The 325ix definitely can’t be made into a spec e30. The front subframe is aluminum and the strut towers are so far forward that the struts are pretty much straight up and down.


Just have been through the NASA CCR’s for the Spec E30. The most interesting thing that I found was the HP requirement in Appendix D. I like this. More better than SM.


I came from SM too. Remember, Spec Miata has 5 different engines (1.6, early pop-up 1.8, late pop-up 1.8, 1999-2000 1.8, 2001+ variable valve timing 1.8…). Equalizing all those different chassis and engines has been a perception nightmare.

[quote] Some how folks managed to pull you on the straights which is odd when everyone is suppose to be even. Folks would spend 7K and up on an engine build to gain 7 more horses. [/quote] You will see the same spread in Spec E30. Don’t kid yourself about equal rules = equal results. Even with absolutely equal specs for the drivetrain, differences in prep level will always be there.

That being said, until they let in the Spec3 cars, Spec E30 is second only to Spec Racer Ford in the number of “one spec line” spec series out there. And E30s don’t sound like tractors, which is nice.