Gasket source


My spec exhaust has the one spot, just past where the exhaust starts where it goes 2 into 1 and then another piece bolts on. This may be a stupid question but where do I get a replacement gasket for that spot? Is there a part number or vehicle match that I can ask for at the parts shop?

Thanks for any info.


PS- Getting ready to sell my car if anyone knows of someone interested. #199 in Mid-Atlantic.


The 2 into 1 part is a custom part made by Paul Poore. Before it is the OEM downtube, and after it is the generic 3" tubing that makes up our exhaust. All my exhaust is welded together. There’s been a couple versions of the spec exhaust, but I’ve only seen the type that used slip ring clamps and those wouldn’t use gaskets. Since mine is welded I didn’t use the slip rings, but even if I had used the slip rings there still wouldn’t be gaskets.

Before the 2 into 1 is the OEM downtube so an OEM gasket might mate up. It doesn’t sound like you’re talking about that tho. The only gasket in the whole system is between exhaust manifolds and OEM downtube. That’s an OEM part.

Can you post a pic that shows what you are describing?


I know what he’s talking about. My spec exhaust is the same way, it’s roughly 2.5 years old. There is now a flange just after the collector.

I would try contacting Paul Poore. Either that or you may be able to find a sheet of gasket material that you can cut to size.


I can’t get a pic easily with it in the trailer the way it is. Here is a drawing. I’m certainly not an artist but maybe you’ll get the point.

Mine came with the slip ring clamps to the downtubes but it is welded there. That piece is only about 12" long and then there is a 2nd piece that is the 3" pipe that continues to the rear of the car. Between those pieces is a junction that requires a gasket. It is probably a standard exhaust gasket that will junction 3" pipe together but I didn’t know if there was a part number specific to it or maybe a car that I can reference at the parts store that uses that. (Like maybe a Silverado has that same junction on it).


Thanks for the pic. I ended up contacting Paul Poore and he is going to send me one. He did mention that someone told him that there was both a NAPA part number and a BMW part that worked. He thought the BMW part was from an E36 but couldn’t remember for sure.