Garagistic BMW E30 diffrential Reinforcement Kit


We got differential reinforcements in! Get these in while your working on the rear subframe. For the record we are coming out with adjustable rear toe and camber correction kits next week as well as special “spec e30 reinforcement kits” that include all of our reinforcements in one convenient kit at a further discounted price for the spec guys. Keep your eye on the website this week ( )

This is great preventative maintenance. We have seen these areas of the subframe cracked on a few high mileage e30s. They see alot of stress, especially on the track.


Great news on the kits. I was wondering if that was available. Great timing too as I am getting close to stripping my car down


Great! We will have a link for you shortly!


I just did a quick check of the SpecE30 rules, and I didn’t see anything that said this is a legal modification. I didn’t see anywhere it mentioned being able to reinforce or strengthen the rear subframe or differential housing. There are only allowances for reinforcing the rear trailing arms and the front subframe. If it doesn’t say you can, you can’t.