Fuel Pump Reliability PSA


Per a request from Scott on facebook, I am posting this here for longevity.

Please consider replacing the cheap plastic connector on your fuel pump with appropriate hose. If you have already been in there and replaced the hose with “normal” fuel hose from the parts store, you definitely need to address this asap. This connector is prone to leaking and causing fuel issues once the level in the tank drops below the leak, including affecting starting, performance, and starvation.

The correct fuel hose is SAE 30R10 standard, For E30’s this is 5/16 SAE size.

Gates PN 27093 5/16" x 12" (search amazon)

You can use normal clamps. If you do, I suggest the appropriately rated DIN standard clamps (FCP has these) or at a minimum, fuel injection rated clamps.

Alternatively, the BEST solution is oetiker clamps. These things are cheap, reliable, and easy.

These are some affordable high quality pliers:
Knipex Tools 10 98 i220

These are the clamps you need
Oetiker 16700013 Stepless Ear Clamp, One Ear, Clamp ID Range 12 mm (Closed) - 14.5 mm (Open) (Pack of 25)

Completed Job


I have an opportunity to address this soon, but am time-limited. What is the time frame to accomplish this assuming all parts in hand, and reasonable skill/acumen?


Less than an hour.

4 screws to remove the cover
unplug sender and pump
4 8mm to remove the fuel sender
remove fuel line
twist to remove pump and hanger
wiggle pump out and remove/discard white thing
replace fuel pump sender o-ring
install new hose onto pump
install clamps onto hose
install it all into the hanger ensuring your length is correct to seal over the flanges
clamp the clamps
reinstall hanger
reinstall fuel line and clamp (did you get a high pressure clamp for this too?)
replace sender o-ring
reinstall sender
plug it all back in
replace cover and 4 screws