FS: m20 engines and parts.


I have a m20b25 head and shortblock for sale. They are currently unattached from eachother because the cars HG blew, I had the head inspected by my machine shop and it is still in great condition.

The only reason I am not putting this motor back in is because I have a “e” shortblock and a freshly rebuilt “i” head that I’m putting together for a stroker motor/turbo build.

$350 +shipping for the longblock. $225 +shipping for the bottom end, $225 for the head separate.

I also have a 140k 325 m20b27 for sale as well. Pulled from an auto, ran when pulled. Has all the accessories still on it.
$200 +shipping for the e motor.

Also have and “e” head $100 +shipping.

Also have a few e30 AFMs, 3 sets of stock injectors, fuel rails w/ FPR’s a few starters and some other stuff. Some stock pinktop e36 m3 s52 injectors as well.

I block:

I head:

E head:


Would like a price on 1 afm and a set of injectors shipped to 48176.


I don’t think the e block/i head is as good of a combo as you think especially for a turbo. I assume you got most of your information is from the other forums which is completely unreliable. If you’ve actually done it before maybe you can educate me. The information I gathered about the swap years ago is that the e block is missing some of the main journal oil ports found on the i block because it is not made for high rpm. Also the e crank is not forged and what you want is a 524td block and crank which is quite rare. Why would you want to increase the compression of the e block if you are going to turbo it. I have a 2.9 liter stroker kit from Ireland Engineering. I think it was 1900$. We called IE and had them include Ross pistons which were reinforced for use with a turbo and teflon coated on the sides and copper ceramic coated on the top. The pistons were also made for a compression of 8.5. I have an ebay turbo and intercooler. So far I have not been able to hold a head gasket for very long. Don’t waste your time with any multi layer stainless gasket. they are worthless.


“e” and “i” blocks are identical except the crank, rods, and pistons (stroke). What he is trying to do is build a turbo motor with about 8 to 1 compression…with stock parts and that is fine. The “e” crank will hold up well but everything must be balanced. If you are going to build a turbo motor, the block and head should be decked for truness. Then use head studs instead of oem bolts. That should mitigate the head gasket problem. Chuck



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