Front Camber: Even L-R or Max?


Looks like I can get -4 degrees camber on my left front, but only -3.2 on the right. Is it cool to just max them both out, or should I dial the left side back so it’s closer to what the right side is getting? In other words, two questions really:

  1. Should left and right side camber be close to equal, or does it matter? (And is 0.8 degrees different side to side consequential at all?)

  2. Is -4 degrees excessive?



-4 is not excessive, I think most of us would go there or past if we could. I think at around 3 to 3.5, most get to where the struts bind in the towers so much you don’t dare go further.

.8 difference may be slightly noticeable by feel, but tire temps would tell the tale. Extra -.8 might help even temps across your left front, depending on your driving style. Best bet would be to test both and see if it is worth it.


Thanks much, that’s the sanity check I was hoping for.


Julian, thanks for raising the question. I was curious about this as well. My front camber was maxed at -2.8 R and -2.8 L (1990 with Vorshlag camber plates) before I broadsided a wall passenger side in 2014. Replaced all the bent suspension bits but I expect the right shock tower was also tweaked from the impact and I can now max out at over -4.0 right compared to -2.8 left. I dialed things back to -2.8 on both sides last year but have been wondering if this was the right decision.