Forgot Dust Cap


First time replacing the front wheel bearings and forgot the inner dust cover on one side. I could pull the new bearing, which was pretty tough to get on, but don’t want to damage the bearing as I can only pull on the outer portion of it. So I’m planning to run without the inner dust cover.

It’s going to be a street/track car, so items like this will be maintained/replaced more often than they normally would be with a street car.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on this. Thanks.


I would not worry. But then again. It’s usually easy to pull the front bearing. They should be sliding on and off. We get these bearing hot enough it would probably benefit from the extra air flow.

Also the rear dust boot is more of a brake dust dust shield. If you don’t run the stock shield, I wouldn’t imagine any accumulation will happen. + most bearings are sealed anyway not 100% but close to. Just don’t drive in water that high.


Thanks, if the bearing went on easily I wouldn’t be worried, but it took quite a bit of force. I’ll leave it on without the cap and check on it occasionally. Cheers.