First Racecar


Ianthetechi and I are building our first race car for Spec e30. He has had an e30 for about a year now, and just picked up another one. We will be racing as a team and are looking forward to getting involved in the community.

We snagged an '87 325e for $1260 that someone else had been working on making a spec car. It has an i motor in it as well as the 3.73 dif with LSD. It came to us with a trunk full of new and used parts such as new brake rotors, pads, fluid, and gauge cluster. The previous owner had also gone through replacing most bushings with urethane. The subframe is all that is left I believe and he gave us the bushings as well. So it looks like all we have left to buy is suspension, wheels, tires and the safety gear.

Hopefully we will be starting HPDE events this year with plans to get started next race season. There are a lot of parts that we are wanting to get such as the AKE shifter, but we aren’t going to let scope creep get in the way.


Good luck.

In order for the community of racers to help out, where do you live/race/hpde?

RP ( my profile shows I’m in thesoutheast region)


We are located near Greenville, SC. We will be doing HPDE events at Road Atlanta and Carolina Motorsports Park.


Glad to have new SpecE30 guys. Hey, just come by the shop if you need any help or questions. We always have some SpecE30s around and currently building 2 cars. All my contact is in my profile - Joel


Joel it looks like you are right down the road from us.


Looks like we also got some camber plates with the car. I’m not sure what brand they are, but the are all black and the came in a plastic sealed package together.


Sounds like you got a great deal to get started.

Buying is always cheaper - but building can be done. Cage/seat/harness and other safety is more than the rest.

I bought a mostly ready to go car but it still needed work/$$. Racing costs $$ no matter what. Not racing yet but pretty close. I’m a slow mover.

It is a darn good platform though. So…Much…Fun…

I liked the racecar enough to get one as a DD.


Put VIR on your list.