Fire bottle Install


Just purchased the Firesense 4l system. The instructions states it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the bottle be oriented fore to aft. Every system I’ve seen at the track is installed left/right. What gives?


Why not ask them?


I tried, no response as of yet


I called Spa regarding this very thing. The tech guys didn’t even know that was in the directions. After they read it, the response was mount it left to right , front to back, doesn’t matter. They said for a bottle to be FIA rated it has to be able to work in virtually any attitude.


I’m going out on a limb. It could depend on the pickup inside the fire bottle. Without knowing it’s design it could be related to the position of the car after a crash. So forward mounting it means the pickup with be most effective if the car is on it’s left side door, right side door roof or on its wheels. It would be odd if the car ended up on its grill or trunk after a wreck if that makes sense.