Excessive Rear Toe?


I have a Spec E30 racecar that has been campaigned for several years, but I just bought it. It has the legal Spec E30 rear suspension components. It does not have rear camber or toe adjustment. I do not see any damage to any of the parts. The rear camber is about -3 degrees and the toe is about 0.25" toe out. Some have told me that these are normal readings with a lowered car. Does these values seem normal?



The rear camber could be as high as -3 degrees if there is some minor bending of subframe and trailing arms, but that 0.25" toe out definitely indicates crash damage. The toe should remain approximately 0 or slightly toe’d in even when lowered. If possible, check to see which side (or both) toe out. A proper alignment with strings, an alignment machine, or similar technique should indicate where the problem is coming from.

The typical fixes for this problem are to either replace the offending component or get a frame shop to bend the suspension back to zero toe. If you can find a shop to do it, it’s easier to have the suspension bent back to zero. If it’s done right it won’t do any harm to the hubs, bearings, etc.



Thanks for the reply. I checked the rear toe with a simple string set up at home and the readings are the same on both sides. I do not see any damage in the back, although the control arm bushings have some play in them. That must be my problem. When a shop bends the suspension, are the control arms, the crossmember or the chassis bent?