Engine HP Cap Rule


To: All Spec E30 racers
From: Carter Hunt - Spec E30 Co-Founder and National Series Director

Re: Engine HP Cap Rule


In an effort to stop escalating engine power, and the resulting costs of making power, Spec E30 Assistant National Series Director Scott Neville and I have been working with NASA National Officers to design a new rule that will effectively address this issue.

With input from all of us, and some back-and-forth negotiations, we have come to an agreement for Spec E30’s first power cap rule.

To view the rule, see Appendix D at the following link.


NASA Officers have addressed this issue with other classes so their experience in this area was instrumental in getting this done. Scott Neville’s work was also very important to the success of this effort.

For the past few years, we have been trying to design a rule to address the engine power issue. Now, we have such a rule that will discourage Spec E30 drivers from enjoying an advantage, just because they can write a big check for an expensive engine rebuild. That’s simply not what Spec E30 is about.

Since founding Spec E30 in 2003, I have always maintained the core belief that Spec E30 is not about the cars, it’s about the racing. By implementing this rule, we are showing the racing community, and future Spec E30 racers, that an expensive engine is not required to be competitive in your local Spec E30 race.

Carter Hunt