E30 adjustable rear subframe core exchange program


Hello spec e30,

We finally have our rear subframe exchange program on the website! This is designed for people who want a bolt up solution adjustable rear subframe.

For those who already can weld and can patiently align the tabs we sell the brackets/hardware here: http://store.garagistic.com/ocart/E30-Rear-Subframe-Camber-and-Toe-Correction-Kits

The exchange program is simple. Turn around time is mostly based on the options selected. Powdercoating adds 1 week. If we supply the core, that adds another week. Supplying your core for us the rework is the fastest way to get it back. Subframes will be painted black standard. Powdercoating is option but highly recommended! The powdercoating opting includes a full sandblast of the subframe. This ensures zero rust and a sub-frame that is good for another 50 years!

We reinforce the differential mounting points, add camber adjustment, add toe adjustment, paint standard. (Ask about our poly bushings!)

Full details and pricing can be found here:

(Just for your reference, the top subframe is powdercoated and the bottom subframe is painted). The powdercoat is much much more thicker (durable).

[B][U]Poly bushings option[/U][/B] are here! We will be offering and installing raised/normal subframe bushings. We will have a few options for the rasied option including the 12mm version. They will come in performance and street hardness. Performance/track is 90A and upgrade for the streets is 80A. Later this month we will have the rear trailing arm bushings and diff bushings as well! Solid bushings will be an option in the future if there is enough demand.


We have two subframes in stock and ready to ship. Fully adjustable and reinforced.


Running a sale on these!


We got cores in stock. Current turn around is 2 days.


We got one unit in stock!


Got a few of these actually in stock at the moment.