Diffsonline - Are TheyTrustworthy?


Ordered driveshafts from Diffsonline. They were going to get BMW OEM half drive shafts and re-work them. I ordered them in April, they put a charge on my credit card on June 5th and here it is Sept. 6th. No drive shafts. I have called at reasonable time intervals to get status and all I get is, “yeah we are working on them, should be a few days”. Coupled with a group of friends who race an E30 in WRL, got a diff from them, it broke, they rebuild it themselves and it has last for two seasons.

Note:The car was a Spec E30 and is being re-purposed for WRL.

So my trust meter is reading very low. Based on others experience with them should I pursuit a credit card dispute; paid for product no product delivered?