Cracked exhaust flex fix.


Hi All,
I am still waiting on the official ruling from Carter. I was told to go ahead and post this information.

Here is a fix for the broken exhaust flex.
Cut the factory flex at the welds. I purchased a Marwell flex FT13404 which cost $46.00. This flex had necks on it so I cut them at flex. You should be able to order the flex with no necks. Have the muffler shop bump up the flex so that it just fits the pipe. Bolt the down tubes in place and tack weld the flex. Then remove the pipes and completely weld. See pictures.


Pic 2


Pic 3


I just had the same problem and used essentially the same fix. I couldn’t find the part referenced above, but I did find an equivalent part at Summit Racing. The part I used was a Jones Exhaust FLX1344B. It was darn near a perfect fit on the down tubes and was a simple cut and weld repair. Just cut out the old bellows, slide on the flex joint and weld.

I don’t have a TIG torch so I had a local welding shop do the repair. To give the tech a jig I took a head with attached headers to the shop. It took the about 1/2 hour and came out perfect.

FYI: The threaded section of used head bolts is a perfect substitute for bad header studs.