Convertible Eligibility


Spec E30 Racers:

After discussing the E30 convertible situation with the Spec E30 Regional Series Directors, and with NASA National Director Jerry Kunzman, I presented a rule change for approval from NASA National.

The Spec E30 Regional Series Directors group is an outstanding resource that helps me decide on Rules management issues. They mostly agreed that the convertible, while interesting and unique, is fundamentally different from the steel-roof cars. The weight up-high in the hard top cars - steel and glass - probably makes a difference in the performance of the cars. Plus, the aerodynamic differences are probably not insignificant.

In a one-make/model spec series, the convertible is just too different. Like the original Spec E30 SU class, I have made a rule adjustment. This decision was made after many valuable thoughts and opinions were considered, as was the idea that one convertible has been built and raced, and others may be in the process now.

NASA has posted the change.

Carter Hunt
Spec E30 National Series Director