Control Arm Ball Joint Boots


According to various sources, these ball joint boots are the right ones for us. 2 X UNIVERSAL Dust Boot Silicone 15 33 23 Track Rod End and Ball Joint Boots | eBay

I poked around the idea of generic boots a bit. I found a couple different ideas as to the right size, but folks also said that if the boot is a little small, just stretch it to fit.
OEM (maybe) 16mm small hole, 33mm big hole, 22mm tall
Couple dudes made these sizes work
15, 30, 23
11, 28, 26.5 (seemingly a fair amount smaller than OEM)

I also found a guy that said he installed the Energy Suspension 9.13101R boot set, but I couldn’t find any dimensions for that boot, nor does it appear to use circlips. So I’m not sure how it’s supposed to seal the grease in.