Coil overs in the future?


my response to the MS idea was the same as to this one. let’s not mess with a good thing…


Its just that a discussion. FWIW I’m against that also.



It’s not reasonable to equate this discussion with my ill-fated Megasquirt idea. I want to be faster doesn’t equal I want additional troubleshooting tools. The new suspension seems mostly about handling improvements and the MS idea was about having data logs to confirm that the DME inputs were doing on the track what they seem to be doing in the paddock…


as i can see, no one is interested in coil overs, the intent of this discussion was to gauge interest and judging by the fact that i have not gotten a single yes response, i vote this thread be closed and we drop the idea.


The link you posted above shows that is conversion kit. I think you should go with complete coil-over kits. You can find it on the internet in between $300-$3000 price range. Bilstein E30 Coil-over or Cheap one


And of course coil-overs are the most necessary thing with big brakes. My advice is adjustable coil-overs :lol: Good luck.


You might want to try R3Vlimited, I think you are on this site by mistake.



owner of the rare and desirable non adjustable coil-over, let me sell them to ya


That was my opinion. of course we cant change the SE30 rules and thanks for your opinion but I’m not on this site by mistake… what I am saying is, adjustable suspensions are way different world.


Yes, and SpecE30 is way different world from adding big brakes and coilovers.

I think Ranger did a good job addressing this issue many years ago: Cheap, Easy and Equal

Want fancy coilovers? Race GTS, SpecE46, or move to the PNW and race Pro3. Want to race in big fields of equal E30s? Follow the rule book.


This thread is a complete waste of time. Coil-over wishers, please say something productive or say nothing at all.


If you truly want an equal playing field, make coil overs an option. BECAUSE, not every car is happy or tune-able with the spec spring setup. Every chassis has different flex characteristics and, therefore, tunes with different spring rates. Even a change of 50# can make a major difference in the way a car handles. Food for thought.


We’ve left the reality-based world again. This was not designed as a tinkerers series.


Agreed…it was envisioned as a spec series with equal cars. Fact is, not all cars are equal…as I said, equality only exists when the cars have the correct suspension for that chassis.


ok guys seems like there was couple misunderstood…I recently join this world and I liked it so far but let me explain myself I am int. student in LA, so my english not accurate… I know whats going on about cups,series,specs ext. I got 12 years experience about having this adrenaline. So, first of all I am not a coil-over wisher that was just my opinion, and again adjustable absorbers( are way different world :slight_smile: if you research a little you will see why that many cup’s allows adjustable ones(porsche cup) but that doesn’t mean lets change the rules… hopefully see you guys on track soon…


Quit fucking with the formula.


I’m not fucking with the formula… This is a Forum site and its open to different opinions. Also, I never wanted to changed the formula.


Except mine, apparently.

My statements were not directed at you specifically. I didn’t read through the whole thread, I just don’t feel like reconfiguring my whole suspension. This is a budget series.


Oh sorry about it cuz some people pays attention more at how Im sayin :slight_smile: my opinion was ‘’ if you wanna go fast, you need adjustable ones.’’


I don’t wanna go fast. I have another car to go fast. I want to know I am going up against identically prepared cars with affordable parts.