Check this on your engine


On the road driving my iC…hose nipple off bottom of thermo housing broke off from corrosion, would be a big problem if it happened on the track. I have seen the larger nipples corrode thru also…



I don’t know why, but that nipple seems to have a propensity to corrode & fail. I have seen several t-stat housings with bad corrosion and/or loose nipples there. When I see that I replace the housing with a new one.


This was one reason we’re allowed to remove it. The gasket on my ix disintegrated right after I bought it.


If you remove the hose connection and weld up the hole you don’t have that problem.:sick:


did not think to do that, need to check all the heater hoses on my street car, i usually clean all the hose barbs and coat with anti-sieze. I have seen the larger barg corrode off also and have seen holes in rad hose barbs…I need to start checking the yards for “new” thermo housings.