Championships - Thursday cookout


Championship Racers:

Spec E30 and DriveGear racing ( are sponsoring a Spec E30 cookout lunch at the Drivegear trailer Thursday after qualifying, in the grass paddock. Look for the Drivegear three-axle black trailer, and my two axle white trailer, proudly flying an American flag.

We’ll take the qualifying green flag at 11:05 and we’ll finish the session at 11:20. The qualifying race starts at 3:20 so we should have plenty of time to eat lunch and have our cars ready for the track by the start of the qualifying race. Let’s plan to eat at about noon.

The standard cookout food (burgers, chips, etc.) will be provided, as will drinks and water. We ask that you bring a chair for yourself.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Carter Hunt
Spec E30 National Series Director