Catch tank


I see rule 8.10 requires a radiator overflow catch tank. I’ve seen many posts where folks add a secondary catch to the stock radiator overflow tank. Is there some reason the factory tank won’t suffice? I can’t find anything in the rules clarification section.


The rule requires one above and beyond the stock. Grab that gatorade bottle and call it a day.


I don’t really consider the OEM reservoir an overflow especially since it has my radiator cap screwed on to it and has a hose coming off it for the overflow. Go with a gatorade bottle or use your windshield washer fluid container and call it a day.


I bought a universal radiator overflow tank from o riely for 8$. It came with some cheesy hose and mounting hdwr.


We don’t have any Gatorade. Will Power Zero work?:wink:


Ill have to check the regs.


Negative. Moutain Dew works very well as a substitue though.


When you remove the charcoal canister, it leaves a really nice spot for the cheapo $13 summit/jegs catch tanks. You will need a larger clamp though. However, I suppose if you decide to use a gatorade bottle it will work with the stock clamp. The stock hose is juuuuust long enough if you leave it up higher.