Caliper cracked exploded rim at VIR last weekend


Hello all As stated above we had a few scary moments last weekend when my caliper broke off and exploded my wheel and send me off track. Looking for any advice on how and why this happened. This was a new Caliper with maybe three track events on it. Fresh hawk ht-10 track only pads before Vir. Should I go back with stock or upgrade? Thanks for any tips!!


What exactly broke?


So it was a “new caliper”. Meaning a brand new OEM part? Or a rebuilt “new caliper” from a parts supplier? Which supplier. Where are the rebuilds done?

As to how and why? You must inspect everything - the caliper, the rotor, the pads, the caliper mounting hardware to determine the root cause. How is the rear axle look on that side? How is the bearing? Turning freely, any wobble?

Using wheel studs? How do they look? I have seen wheel studs break because they were over tightened.

Might turn out to be the rotor heated up, a piece broke off and it triggered this.


Follow on thought - how old is that wheel? Inspect all the other wheels for any hairline cracks.


Thanks for the repy @rich99 I will do a through inspection of all these things. The Caliper was new OEM from pelican.


No problem. Please report back (with plenty of pics) your findings. Very interested in knowing what caused this.


I have found the caliper to bracket bolts loose on occasion, and have added to my nut and bolt list. If a bolt backs out the caliper may rotate away from the bracket under braking and impact the wheel, causing similar damage?


The boys got it on the lift yesterday, I will go by and take more pics with the wheel off soon.


Have seen 2 caliper bolts break in the last 10 years, I change mine every couple of years.