California Crown video and publications are out!


Not sure if everyyone has seen it or not, so here it is!

Also in the latest edition of Nasa Speed News, a good article on the event as well as a good write up on Steffan Thompson!]

Good read this month! Lots of SE30 content!


I watched it a few days ago. I wish I could hear more M20 and less commentator.


I watched it a couple times.

REALLY disappointed with the technical errors and inaccuracies of the race in general.

Wrong name on he wrong number car for the in car shots.
Said a position was lost going off track and it clearly wasn’t.
The hard charger award interview was the right guy, but got the name wrong on screen.
There were good battles all over the place and they basically kept showing the top 3 cars.
The voice over on various shots was clearly a cut and past from viewing the footage later.

There was one other really big inaccuracy made, but I don’t want to be one someone’s shit list.

I want to thank Shawn Meze for coming up with the concept for the event and the execution of the plan to have it. As the creater of the event, you did a great job shawn.


Not going to comment on the mistakes other than I hope NASA gets some money back. I thought the video was fun to watch, and man I LOVED running with that huge field! I think we should do a crossover event or two every year.


Watch it here.

Was scrolling through some videos yesterday never posted this but boy was it fun. Thanks to Brad McClure for racing hard. :slight_smile: Hope you guys are ready for Mazda Raceway. I will need to find a car, because I don’t think I can miss that race.


I might have one for you:cheer: