CA Spec E30 + Spares/Parts + Trailer For Sale


Hi all,

I bought a Spec E30 from an old Spec E30 Vet back in December '20- I had great intentions to become a rookie and race, but we had our third kid in april so things have been on hold to say the least. I’d like to let this E30 go to a good home. I had it sorted out by JMP Auto after my first track day with it, they fixed a small leak and refreshed the shifter.

Car runs like a top, and I’ve got loads of spares for it.

1987 BMW 325iS

Logbook & Legal Spec E30.

2700lbs w/ lots of ballast points.

Comes with loads and loads and loads and loads of parts, these are just a few of them:

  • 3xM20 Cores/Blocks w/ Accessories in various incomplete/complete condition. All GOOD condition
  • 1 x cylinder head
  • 2 x intake manifolds
  • 1 x 5 Speed Trans
  • 2 x 3.73 LSD
  • 4 Sets of Wheels w/rubber (3 sets with usable rubber for track days)
  • Engine Stand
  • 5-Point Belts (extras)

Lots more parts, come check it out.

$12,000 for the car.
$14,000 for the car + parts.
$17,000 for car + parts + 16’ Carson Open Trailer w/ brand new tires

BMW family here, we take care of all of our cars and want this to go to a good home!




Dan, I’m sure you did, but is this on Facebook?


I deleted my FB a while back but I believe my wife responded to a thread on there for me haha.

Email me here:


Dan- still for sale? - Jim