Busted rear suspension adjusters


This car has the Ireland serrated plate kit. Last weekend the 12mm bolt that controls driver’s side toe snapped on the out-lap of the race. Be a bummer for that sort of thing to happen at high speed.

Most, or maybe all, of these kits come with 8.8 hardware. I couldn’t find any 12.9 hardware, so I got four 10.9 replacement bolts. I also got nuts so I can weld them on to the serrated plates. Those plates only have 3 threads in them and they are probably only mild steel so they are very vulnerable to stripping out.

This car had a couple owners prior to me so I don’t know the history of the toe adjuster that failed. I figure tho that if they can fail on me, they can fail on anyone. Also, I was able to remove the bolt w/o too much trouble so I think that you could swap over to better hardware and also weld nuts on to your serrated plates w/o dropping your subframe.

Fred Switzer and I found 12x120mm 1.75 thread pitch bolts and 12x120mm 1.25 thread pitch bolts at a hardware store near Road Atlanta, but no 1.5 thread pitch.

There are a lot of people selling this design of toe/camber adjusters. I would not assume that they are all 1.5 thread.

BH12X1.5X120PYLW - Hex Bolt Yellow Zinc 10.9 Partial [BH12X1.5X120PYLW] - $4.99 : Bel-Metric, Metric Hardware, Metric Fasteners, Metric Bolts, Metric Nuts & Time-Sert Thread Repair?


I had that happen at speed. It was exciting. Someday I’ll get rid of the kit altogether, but thanks for the tip on better quality bolts.