Building SuperETA to Spec E30 specs


I have an 88 SETA (2 door, manual, factory lsd) project car that got put on the back burner a couple years ago and recently I decided that I want to slowly build it for Spec E30 racing.

I’ve skimmed over the rules and from my understanding you need an m20b25 engine.
I’m fine with taking out the m20b27 and swapping in an m20b25, but IDK if that’s OK with the rules. Does the car have to come from the factory with the m20b25?
I would also be using a computer for an m20b25 of course.
I believe the transmissions are also different, so I’m guessing a transmission swap would be in order too.
Though I have LSD already, I’m thinking it’s geared differently than the IS’s LSD. Right?

Swapping the engine and transmission isn’t a big deal to me. I just want to make sure it’s OK to do.


The car will be fine once you do the necessary swapping. Engine block internals are wrong. Head is fine. Not sure about intake and throttle body. Transmission is fine. Differential and DME are wrong. Dash gauge cluster is wrong but no one will care.

I assume this car has ABS? Hopefully so.


[quote=“Ranger” post=68004]Head is fine. [/quote] The head casting is fine, but the valve springs and cam are wrong…


Where are you located? The way the rules are set up, you either start with a 325is, or “recreate” one from another e30 chassis, so you are fine as long as you end up with a a stock m20b25, getrag 260, and 3.73.


Thanks for the info. Exactly what I needed to know.

I’m in WI.
Will probably be racing at Blackwawk and Road America. I believe they both run SE30 classes there.
I will probably also be running at BIR in MN, but I don’t think they run SE30 so it would just be track days there.

Right now I have an I head with I internals that I’m going to be running on the 2.7 block until the car and I are ready for actual SE30 racing, then I’ll swap in a 2.5 engine and all that stuff.

So my SETA transmission is the same as the I and IS transmissions?


[quote=“FishMan” post=68005][quote=“Ranger” post=68004]Head is fine. [/quote] The head casting is fine, but the valve springs and cam are wrong…[/quote] Ah so, good call.


You’ll be racing with us in the MW region!! We don’t run BHF (at least the last couple years), but we do run RA (in October this year) and Autobahn, GMan, and Putnam.

Are you in our google group yet? If not, let’s take it to private email at kburkhardt12 at comcast dot net.


Not in the google group. What is it?


Cam in “i” and SETA are the same…7 bearing, however, the timing is the same as the “e” motor, not the “i”. Valve springs are double in the “i” motor, single in the SETA. Intake manifold is smaller on the SETA. Can’t address the TB. Chuck


Its where the MW region current and future drivers go! Follow the link to reuqest an invite:!forum/midwest-e30-racers


Sounds like you need a “Futue Spec E30” banner sticker for your window, too. PM me an addy and I’ll send it.


My car could definitely use a future spec e30 banner!

I was told that the seta cam and i cam are different. As far as lobe profile goes. I have both but haven’t compared.
I have both throttle bodies too. If I remember right, the I TB is bigger.
I might be going to where my e30 is stored today, so I could take pics comparing seta parts to I parts.


The SETA and “i” cam are interchangeable in regard to fitment, but the SETA CAM has .030" more lift and less duration.


Got the sticker on!

Ya dig my redneck work shop? haha
(It’s my dad’s old barn) Hopefully it will be getting torn down and a new bigger shop will be built in its place that’s more suited for building cars.


Started putting up a tarp wall around my two project cars so I can somewhat heat my work area this winter.
I’m mainly going to be working on my DSM drag project since that’s further along in the build process and I have boxes of parts waiting to go on it, but I also really want to start ripping the E30 a part.
My goals for the E30 this winter are to rip almost all of the interior out, pull the engine, and start refinishing the engine bay (basically the “free” work).

Is there a section on here for build threads?


DSM project without the word rally in the sentence is just wrong.
By the way space heaters are too expensive. Just drink more to keep warm.


At one point I wanted build the DSM for rally, then it was road racing, and now just drag racing where it’s really best suited.
Sadly I can’t drink to keep warm anymore. Body decides to shut down when alcohol enters the system.
I’ll be using a torpedo heater to heat an area just big enough to fit 3 cars.


Yah, in the MW section with all the other MW build threads going on right now!