Building a fuel rig


I’ve got an 18gal steel oil drum and a 12v pump that I had used as a turbo scavenge pump. The question is can I suck the old gas out of an e30 through the filler easily. How far will the hose need to go past the filler cap?


Install a fuel sample port like SCCA requires and pull your FP relay and jumper the terminals. Sample line into a 5 gall on jug…easy.


I think your missing most of the benefits of what I’m trying to do. It will:

A. Pump the old gas out of my se30
B. Pump said gas into my truck
C. Eliminate the need to ever lift a five gallon jug of gas
D. Have enough capacity that I never have to buy overpriced track gas

Also since I already have the pump and drum the remaining parts should cost less than shipping for those fancy standup fuel jugs that everbody has.


Are you talking about putting a large container of gas in your truck bed? If so, be careful. There are a lot of regulations on that subject.


Yes. If I ground it to the truck body I think I’ll be ok.


For the legal sake of things, I would read up on it before doing that. If you got pulled over and harassed that would make for a crappy weekend.


My idea failed where I expected it might which was getting the line into the gas tank. It made it about 3 feet before it got stuck. My brother thinks some stiffer hose may work better and it will still work for fueling.

For the legal sake of things I’ll be sure to position it so that the big label that says mobil ATF is visible.