Brake Ducts?


Who here uses brake ducts? Are they needed?

I have them currently, but the hose isn’t currently in the best shape. So while I’m putting the new suspension on, it’s either refresh it or ditch it.

Do you use brake ducts on your SE30?

  • YES, brake ducts are a must
  • NO, brake ducts are a waste of money

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I didn’t need them until I went to Blackhawk, they’re now imperative.


I’ve always had them, so I don’t really know how necessary they are…


^This - always had them so I’m not sure!


Not necessary.

They only increase brake pad life, and help save wheel bearings.

The ones like Condor sells are only marginally effective anyways, as they are too far from the rotor to force the air into the center vanes.


+1 for brake ducts. Its a minimal expense for piece of mind even if “they only prolong pad life and wheel bearings”. Already seems worth it if thats all they do.

Then again i dont believe in 30 year old abs so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


Probably depends on how much you want to spend to have effective brake backing plates fabricated, and/or if you can do it yourself, how much time you want to invest. Plus, the brake hose isnt cheap.

For sprint racing, I would think the simplicity would offset the pads lasting 1 or 2 races longer…


I already have backing plates and hose, though the hose needs to be replaced if I want to keep the setup. I’m interested if anybody has any solid data on brake temperatures and the effect the ducting has, rather than a gut feel that it’s better just because.

I imagine it would be possible in light car on a track with long straights (like say, VIR) to get plenty of cooling without them, and even possibly too much cooling with them? Whereas a tight, heavy braking track like Blackhawk you would almost certainly need them.


For solid data im definitely not your go to guy.

All i can say despite not having abs, i have not had a brake failure to date. My chumpcar was an “e” car and never had any ducting. That car saw tons of laps between my brother and i. It also wasnt very fast and we didnt use aggresive pads however all those same brake parts are on my spec e30 now with race pads and ducts. I have yet to have any issues with fade or anything of the sort.

I know this probably isnt of any help, just my experience (luck) over the years