Battery cable / kill switch


I’m wiring my kill switch to the cage tubing just behind the front passenger window, and I need a length of cable from the switch terminal to the battery in the trunk. The stock cable appears to be 0-gauge or bigger. I’ve checked O’Reilly’s and AutoZone, and they don’t carry anything larger than 2-gauge. In fact, their catalogs list the replacement battery cable as 4-gauge (which is clearly a lot smaller). Has anyone successfully used a 2-gauge battery cable? 0-gauge seems like overkill, but then again I’m not a German engineer. Thanks.


I faced the same issue. After some thought I decided to go to the local pick n pull where I extracted a cable from a car, starting from the trunk and working my way forward. Think I cut it off around the front passenger footwell. Walked out of there paid like $5.

Ordered a pair of Channel lock 911 cable cutting pliers. Next I purchased the terminals, junction stud boots and shrink wrap from CE Auto Electric Supply in Gilbert AZ. Great products and service. (602)999-0942. Got an old fashioned smash crimper on ebay. Used a Longacre racing cutoff switch.

Measure everything carefully, cut as needed (the channel lock cutter works like a champ), crimp (use 5 lb hammer), shrink wrap and install.

Here’s what the finished cable (~6.5 ft long) looks like along with the switch and tools.


I use 25 feet of 4 Gauge in the configuration below. In the end I still saved around 10 lbs over the -0 cable.



Thanks! This is exactly the information I need.


Thanks very much. This is very helpful.


if you go to an industrial hardware shop or a good welding supply house they should have the cable. my local hardware can make cables any length you want and put the ends on.