Baseline setup needed


Hi all, planning on testing the new car next Friday the 21st at Buttonwillow and need info on baseline setup for the E30 so I have a starting point and can tune from there.

Anybody else going to be out there?

Thanks for any input!



What kind of info are you looking for? alignment? bars? pressures? quads per channel?


Basic alignment, hot and cold pressures etc.



People have different preferences but…
FR: 3.5deg neg, zero to slightly out on toe
RR: 2ish deg neg, 1/16" in
On our gauge: cold high 20s (typically 27-28 for us), hot 38


That is where I would start my car.

I think Mike Milhd will be out there testing next weekend.

Are you going to run Cal Speedway with us ?


Thanks guys!

Mike did contact me and he is planning on testing. We are going to talk next week.

If all is good then I will most likely race the e30 at Fontana.

My curent plan is to race the e30 at Infineon as much as possible to prep for Nationals.

I live near Paso Robles so I am right in between all the Cali tracks. BW is only 90 minutes, Laguna 2 hrs, WSIR 3.5 hrs, Infineon 4 hrs, Fontana 4.5hrs.

Still racing the 944 too.

I will be there either way.


I agree with Jlucas and the dumb blonde…

Depending on the weather and how much you are sliding the car, you will need to adjust the pressures a bit.

If you are going clockwise, I would start at 29 on the left and 30 on the right. Based on how I have seen you drive, that will give you a good place to start. Come in at 37-38 hot seems to be the sweet spot for our cars. At BW, you wanna be at those pressures after 14 laps or so.

Also, try it with the rear sway bar on full soft, then try it with the bar off. You will know immediately if you need to put the bar back on and at the medium setting or not. Don’t worry about what it feels like until lap 2 if the tires are cold.

Just my .02


Thank you!