Barber tale and video thread


Damn that was so fun. Perfect racing weather, tons of close racing, I neither sucked nor did anything really stupid.


I guess I will start. Here is the oft requested Chris Tuttell Saturday Blitz video with a great view of the lap 1 incident after the hairpin:

That incident, unfortunately, resulted in a ton of mud on my windshield which definitely didn’t help the visibility with the sun already coming through my horrible condition windshield. I was really struggling to find track out and brake markers when going into the sun.

I started the race 11th, and I got a great start and got by one of the Harness boys and then had a great run on Clark coming out of the hairpin when the incident occurred and I backed off a little losing that run. It really then all came down to traffic management and trying to keep Sumpter Smith behind me. I missed a shift coming out of the carousel and did a money shift but luckily got the clutch back in quickly allowing Sumpter to really close the gap. He did get by me at one point, but I was able to take the position back on the long back straight. We then continued the fight and caught the two Harness boys who looked like they were having a great brotherly battle. The only other drama was with a Porsche 996 who took the checkered flag right behind me and Sumpter who were on our white flag lap. He stayed behind us initially but then passed Sumpter after the hairpin and stayed back and then decided to take a run at me out of the museum turn and I had to check up for the esses on the back straight which let Sumpter get a run. Then the 996 threw out the anchor in the corner after the tunnel turn and I again had to check up. I had no idea what he was doing and I lost focus and blew the 2nd to last corner as I looked for the 996 to finally realize he went to pit in. I had the worst line ever for the final corner but luckily Sumpter was still behind and I utilized all of my track out which made him have to check up, and I held on to finish 8th.


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Thanks Scott!!


I qualified 5th. The Saturday race started off with a bit more excitement than i prefer but i managed to escape with no damage to my car. Once things settled down I spent the beginning of the race holding off John Clark who managed to get by after the GTS cars were parked at the exit of the carousel. I finished the race holding off Matt who wasn’t able to get by and finished 6th. (saturday race)

The Sunday race started good with me holding Bratton off for 5th place for several laps until i almost lost it in 14a. That allowed Richard and Lako to get by. After that I had a great battle with Clark who ended up finally getting by me when i got stuck behind a 944 at the end of the back straight. Ended up finishing 8th. (sunday race)


Pics from Saturday courtesy Rich Bratton’s GF Stephanie.




We didn’t really lunch a car on the first lap of the first race of the new season???


Sunday video is up:

I started the race 11th once again. I didn’t get a great start in this race, and lost a position to Sumpter on lap 1. I got a great view of Harness tracking out a little too wide in the tunnel turn hoping he would keep the wheel straight and not hook back across. On lap 3 I was able to take advantage of Sumpter and Clark trying two wide in the esses on the back straight with Sumpter getting the worst of it and giving me a run to make the pass stick. I then got to battle both Michael Harness and Clark for most of the race. I got by Clark at one point when he and Harness were fighting each other entering the hairpin and I took the better line and got a great run exiting the hairpin. He then went back by me in the next brake zone. Ended up finishing 9th.


You guys are doing a really good job of making me think twice about racing with SE. :sick:


I have video from both SE30 races and one of the PTE races. About 6 of us doubled down and ran the BMWs in PT and had a great time doing so. Some great wars between myself, Espinosa, Stoops and Whittinger.

Saturday SE30 race here
Sunday SE30 race here
Sunday PTE race here

Lots of good racing throughout. I’m bummed that the camera died for the Saturday PTE race. Espinosa, Stoops and I went 3 wide for about half the track and never touched. Had a great time with everyone this weekend.

A special shout out should go to the NASA Midsouth people. I raced 4 races over the weekend, and there was never a double yellow the entire weekend, despite there being some crashes, cars with 3 wheels, dead Thunder Roadsters, SE30 cars with transmissions falling out, etc. They believe in the power of the single yellow and the tow truck. It allowed for some great racing.



First of all, I would like to agree with McKay on the local yellows, double yellows ruin a sprint race. Thanks Barber and NASA Mid-South/SE for a great show!

The new car felt like a proper race car, I didn’t know how bad the blue one was until I drove this one. On Saturdays race, I edged out Stoops at T2, with McKay and Whitinger following very close. Then on lap 6 going up T3 there was 2 cars stopped, the E46 M3 was broke and the red Cayman just stopped to see if he was OK, but when we came up to this, Stoops, Whitinger and I thought there was a Red Flag, because we couldn’t see the flag station, but McKay did see it and took off passing Whitinger and Stoops, luckily I stepped on the gas as soon as I heard his engine and I kept the lead. From then on McKay just wore me out for the remainder of the race, it was very exhausting keeping him behind me.

On Sunday, Stoops got a better line going into T2 at the start, so I followed him till he got slowed down by traffic so McKay and I took advantage.

Really great to see you ALL, awesome weekend!



regarding the stopped car on track. bet it was Werner, he likes to do that, usually in the middle of corners…



If you stay on the couch and watch racing on TV, then you probably will not wreck your race car. Unless a storm comes along and drops a tree limb on it.



First off, WE NEED BARBER ON THE SCHEDULE EVERY YEAR!!! What a great track and great facility!!

Ditto what both Sandro and McKay have stated about the lack of double yellow flags. The local yellows kept us in check in the danger areas and it allowed the short sprint race to be a ton of fun.

I qualified fourth and finished fourth in both races. Had some great battles with Espinosa, Stoops and McKay, but talent prevailed and they all left me in their wake by the end of the two races.

It was great seeing everyone out there and meeting new people. Can’t wait for RA!


Link to my Sunday film:

Had a blast and most importantly finished the weekend unscathed.


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Great to get back to Barber. What a great event. Saturday was a little short for me but thanks to Whittenger supplying a Strut housing, my boy Scott Clements for repairing the car and Walsh aligning it dead on, we got it together in typical SpecE30 fashion and finished P5 Sunday. Fun laps with Bratton, Harness and Clark for the first half of the race. Congrats to Espinosa, Stoops, and Mckay for there podium finishes and some tight racing. looking forward to RA.


I agree with all that it was exciting to be back at Barber. The narrow pavement was a shock after 4 years away. After the practice and qual on Saturday, I regained the feel of the track and had a great race Saturday with Laura. After a strong start (from the back), I followed her for half the race, and eventually passed her (thanks to some 944 traffic). Against all odds, I finished without major mistakes, and held position. The Sunday race started before my second cup of coffee: cold brain. I had a great battle with Oscar, racing the entire session, we swapped positions, but he was faster in the end. I had a great time despite the final standings; it’s all about having close competition and pushing your skills.

It was great to see all again after the winter break. Let’s have a great season!
I was lucky to have family around - my brother and nephew drove over from Tupelo for DE action. Also, my wife and daughter were around to cheer me on and spruce up the place. (A nice change from the cot in the trailer, beer, and racing fibs.)

I don’t see the official results on Southeast or Mid-South. Where are the results posted?


They were posted in the Mid South forum on nasaforums:


Does anybody know who was taking pics? I want to get a pic of my car before it gets banged up! lol