Barber in Feb.


we are out. the potential for huge problems along the 15 hour tow just don’t make sense to take the risk. bummed.


Its nasty right now and looks like it will be for a while. Lets hope it clears up before we have to head out of ATL. We’ll see you next time around.


Lets not make the call prematurely folks. Set yourselves up for success for being ready to go, then making a judgement call as near at the last minute as possible. The high in Atlanta on Friday is supposed to be 47deg.


Yeah… it is not happening for us Atlanta folks


Yeah… it is not happening for us Atlanta folks[/quote]
I’m driving thru Atlanta to get to Barber and I’m expecting mid 40’s.


Not totally making the call yet but it is not looking great. Spent the last two hours shoveling snow off the driveway just so we can get the trailer moving. Problem is that between Aaron and I, we can’t shovel the snow from our driveway all the way to the interstate that MIGHT be safe enough to drive on. :slight_smile:

This bites!!!


I am lucky in that I get to drive straight up I-65 to Birmingham. There was a similar ice storm the Wednesday before the LeMons race at Barber and Alabama did a great job of getting all the roads clear of ice in time to drive there on Friday. The only ice I saw was in the grass on the side of the Interstate and a little on the road before the loop at Barber. I would think people traveling on Thursday for the Friday test day might have issues, but hopefully everything will be good for the drive on Friday.


I don’t understand the pessimism in Atlanta. I would expect that as long as we retain power (meaning I’m not abandoning my wife to fend for herself), I should be able to load up trailer and drive on the highways by Friday afternoon.


Don’t give up just yet everybody. This is the south the snow melts in a couple hours. My official forecast: roads will be clear thursday.


For those of us driving Friday it should be fine however if you are planing to run on Friday and drive to B-Ham on Thursday it may be tricky.


Roads around B’ham are clear…1700 hours.


Great test day. Al is out…many broken parts. Others running very good. Small turnout so everyone is getting a lot of time.


I f**king love racing.


If you spent more time in your car rather than under it you would love it more:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Now a bitch. I had to pay $15.00 to get in the damn gate. Barber personnel said NASA people left at 0830…that sucks. NASA members should not have to pay to get into a NASA race:sick: :sick: :sick:


Me too. This weekend got me fired up for another large field Southeast race.