Back from the dead...anyone down this way?


After a bit of a hiatus and a bunch of real life, looks like 4 years later I’m actually going to get the car done and get my license. Comp school is at MSR in April. Unfortunately looks like I may be flying solo down here? Anybody else still on that wait and see train or close to getting out there?




I have my 90 325i set up with Spec E30 suspension & exhaust - but I haven’t ripped out the interior and done a cage or seats yet. Thinking of just doing seats and a bolt-in 4 point bar to do HPDEs - I’d like to keep my AC and keep using the car as my back-up/beater.

Also still need wheels and tires. Hoping I can steal some from a Spec Miata guy and do a track day. Oh yeah - and replace all the plates in my LSD - there’s no lockup at all - it might as well be an Open diff.

I’m in Austin - where are you?



One more here in Houston/League City. Will need help/advice on setting up and prepping the car.


I’m still up in north Austin, but am finally actually close to doing this. :woohoo: With fire system in car, all safety equipment is done other than waiting for suit to arrive. I have a few decals left and a bad wheel bearing to replace, but I’m in pretty good shape to take comp school next weekend at TWS in Cresson. I’ll have a couple family and friends there for support and running things down, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a NASA event and it sounds like it’ll be busy. I’m looking forward to it, and can’t wait to get out there. Hopefully actually having one on track in the region will bring out some more cars.

For those of you that have been through it, any advice I comp school is appreciated.

-mark, #466