Awesome tool thread


This brake spreader is really terrific. Someone ran over my first one in 2009. I’d ordered a replacement before the sun went down.


I’m not a fan of specialized tools (I prefer things that are also other things) but given the frequency of brake jobs I do I snagged one of these when it was on sale. It’s similar and just so damn convenient.


I have always used a C-Clamp. It just takes some planning ahead and pressing the assembly in while it’s still assembled.


No need for it to still be assembled. I would always take one of the old pads, slot it in the caliper against the piston, and just use a giant C-clamp to push it all back in. Super easy, doesn’t take a lot of time.


True, but you can’t disagree that not needing to hold anything in your hands is better then juggling a caliper, pads and a c clamp.

Just remove your wheel, place c-clamp, open bleeder and compress. Now if you don’t push it enough is another story.


For the Girlings, I’d just remove the bottom pin and rotate the caliper up, so no need to really hold it in place. Probably more of a handful with the ATEs.

I’m trying to picture it your way… wouldn’t the rotor be in the way?




I can’t seem to find this method anywhere. But I have been doing this forever. The disc is just another thickness. You are basically moving the caliper in the opposite direction of it’s adjustment.


<bursts out laughing… Dude, buy the brake spreader in my link. Then you too can laugh when people suggest screwing around with a C clamp. That brake spreader shoves the piston from fully extended to shoved all the way in, in like 3secs. I could not imagine fiddle-fucking with a C clamp instead.


Ah, that makes sense now that I see it. Thanks!